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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where to go from here

Mondays are always rough for me. There are a few things I despise; winter, freezing and Mondays. This past Monday had all three elements.

I have been at my (now past) job for more than five years.

It was with a small, weekly newspaper in my hometown. I started out delivering newspapers and covering some sports and council meetings. Over two years ago, I got promoted to editor. Well, since that time, I have had more and more obligations placed on my lap with no additional money.

I understand how tough times are. I lasted through my hours being cut, benefits (all benefits) being taken away and constantly being out of supplies (including toilet paper) at the office. Those are the necessary adjustments to fit the economy that many companies are having to make.

Over the past few months, getting paid has gotten more and more difficult to do. Checks would be late or we would be asked to "hold" them. This past Monday was my breaking point.

With a paycheck that was already overdue being promised for that morning, you can imagine my anger when it was not there and in it's place, excuses.

I simply refuse to go around broke while my money is owned to me, while the boss goes on vacation. I managed to hang up my job for good on that note.

Now, I am at home. I have all sorts of ideas and strategies to put to work. Who knows; I may even open my own paper.

The point is, the future is mine just as your future is yours. I know that God will guide me as I make decisions on where to go from here. In the meantime, I will continue to freeze (the high is only mid 20's today), hate winter and despise Mondays. The only difference is I will do that from home, at least for now.

Until tomorrow, keep your head high and your attitude positive- despite weathering Mondays and below freezing temps.


  1. I'm glad your keeping this up I really looked forward each week to reading your column.

  2. So glad you started a blog!! And I'm glad you told that jackhole where to stick his late paying job! You are worth so much more than he was paying you - something will come along!

  3. glad to see u get this deserve so much better than the way you were being treated!keep up the good work!

  4. yay! so glad you are doing this :)-Beth

  5. I am so excited for you. Your friends will be behind you no matter where you end up.

  6. Dang girl, if I'd know this I wouldn't have bought my Sentenial today! I only buy that one because of YOU! Anyway, glad to hear you decided not to take any more crap :)

    I have no clue what coomment as: means...Never commented on a blog before!


  7. Good Luck!! I enjoyed reading your articles!

  8. Best wishes, you must feel the relief of letting go of the negativity that was involved with your long suffering attempts to work an uphill battle. Peace, health and happiness will be with you and your family as you open new doors and soar to new heights.