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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rude Brokers, Laughing at Pelosi and Getting Manicured

Okay, so I just wrapped up watching part of the State of the Union Address (In between reading Hank the Cowdog with my daughter). I'm not sure which was more entertaining, watching the people present for the speech, or Hank the Cowdog. I think I would vote for watching Pelosi jumping up and down every few seconds.

Honestly, I am not a Pelosi fan, so every time she jumped up, I was hoping she would take a spill. So much about her irritates me but I won't go into all that political stuff but I will say there is not much to jump up and down about concerning the state of the economy.

I am a firm believer that during hard times, when businesses are suffering, everyone has to step up their game in order to survive. Today, I was shocked at the way one company acted while I was trying to give them my business.

As you all know, I am in the process of opening up a new business. I have looked for the best available spot, for the best price, for a while. I thought I had found that so I called the Broker in charge of the property. There was so much red tape to run through to get moved into the office unit that I have given up on that one.

To sum it up- my husband works in Gainesville so I asked for them to meet us either after 5p.m. or on a Saturday so we could both look. That was only possible with an appointment that the owner obviously didn't want to do since I was told to go look at it by myself. I went to get the key. I had to leave a credit card to run 3 minutes down the road to look it over. Keep in mind that we live in a county of less than 10,000 and the Broker knows me (but obviously doesn't like me). Then, when I came back 10 minutes later and told them that I would talk it over with my husband and email with terms that would work for us, I was told they were not negotiable and I would have to fill out an application that may or may not be accepted and there was a $40 fee to submit said application.

I honestly wanted to take my lengthy nails and claw out the Broker's eyes. They were making this process much harder than it had to be, not to mention, the property has been vacant for more than a year. After drawing a mental picture of me clawing out the lady's eyes, I smiled and then went for a manicure because seeing my nails in my mind made me actually look at them. Yuck! They would have looked much better in my visual image with a nice French Manicure.

Tonight I have simmered down and I will continue the hunt tomorrow. At least if I have to imagine using my nails again, I can do it in style.

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