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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting along with others, especially if you are married to them

As I was sitting here tonight, thinking about what to write, my husband made a very good point.

Ever since I have been doing my column on-line versus when I did it weekly for the paper, I have been much nicer when writing about him than I did then.

I was actually leaning to writing about the old saying "When it Rains it Pours". It seemed fitting due to the rain pounding against the windows right now in addition to my dogs eating (yes, eating) my living room furniture today. On top of all that, my daughter's car is making a 'sound', the fire wood we worked into the budget last minute was wet and hard to burn, the electric bill jumped up over a hundred bucks and the dryer has decided to take 2 hours to dry a load of laundry. You know, typical stuff. Anyway, this conversation is depressing so let's get back to my hubby.

The difference as far as I can figure, has to be that he has straightened out lately. I mean, it can't be me. I am never wrong. (yeah, right)

Honestly, I think I have been so focused on moving forward with my future business plans, cleaning the house, running after my children, clipping coupons and coaching my girls' basketball team (we are undefeated, yay girls!) that I haven't had time to sweat the small stuff. I mean, I am at the point that I appreciate him running to the grocery store so much more, that I don't mind if every item is wrong (yep, this has happened) or if he cooks dinner every now and then and burns it (again, this has happened) or if he just initials my daughter's homework so poorly that the teacher thinks she forgot to have it signed and did it herself (yep, this too).

I think I will lay off him for a while and just focus on the dogs that insist on making trouble or my son's filthy room. Or, maybe I just covered enough to please my ego for a while. Or possibly, I really do appreciate him; I can handle black pork chops every now and then, especially being if I don't have to cook them myself.

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