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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A good kind of tired

As I sit down tonight to gather my thoughts, I throw myself down in the chair to realize that I sure hope I don't have to get up anytime soon because I just don't know if I could muster the energy. Needless to say, I am tired. Very tired.

This is a good kind of tired though. The kind you feel when you are satisfied with your day and all the accomplishments reached. I feel relaxed within.

My life often gets crazy hectic, although it has been a little less hectic than it was before my job "change". Almost all of those days were hectic and more often than not, it was the kind of hectic where the top of my head felt like it was literally going to separate from my body. Like I was really going to "blow my top".

I managed to gain some big steps today toward the opening of our newspaper office. The financing seems to be working itself out and I am excited to get started. (It is much easier to step forward with a hand full of cash!) Although this was good, my day continued and was topped off with the performance of my girls' recreation basketball team that I coach.

This team consisting of seven girls all age ten or under, came into the season with only two of the members ever playing on a basketball team before. They have worked so hard and listened so well that with only one game left to go- they are undefeated. Although that is great, I am more genuinely proud of the way they present themselves. Even through intentional fouls (kicks or hits) they continue to hold their heads high and exhibit an exceptional amount of moral character. My prayer for these girls is that they hold that trait throughout their lives, despite the fact that so many people lose it along the way.

Let's all remember that I have teenagers. At times, I worry about their choices and wonder if they ever listened to me at all. I wonder where their standard of morals are when they lie or do things they know isn't right. I have always told them God gives them a conscious for a reason- it is their road map to right and wrong- they need to follow it. Whenever they deter and ignore their map, I just remind myself that I was once a teen too. I didn't always make the best choices either but I always managed to get back on track at some point. They do too.

I sit here now and go through my day in my head and realize that I managed a lot of good today. Steps toward my new business, a clean (well, cleaner) house and most importantly, I feel happy because seven little girls have shown me that being a winner comes from within, not on the scoreboard. Who knew that they would end up teaching me?

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