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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time with family..Priceless (except for the bowling shoes)

Finally, my computer is fixed. I missed updating my column last night because our PC somehow developed a virus, despite the fact that we have active anti-viral software installed, go figure. My husband spent 4 hours last night working on it but he managed to get it back in working order. Yay! It sure makes me wonder how our household ever ran without one.

Over the past few weeks, my family has really cut back on our spending due to my job situation and trying to save to open our new business. As a reward for not going to the movies or stopping for extras after school near as much as we used to, we took the kids for a game of bowling tonight. Yep, it was just one game. After shoe rental and 5 bowlers, we are $35 poorer but my kids had a ball. They were laughing at one another and goofing around the entire game. It was nice to do something a little bit different. Now we are back at home and all the kids are once again fighting over the television, computer and the last bowl of Fruit Loops. I honestly think they look for things to fight over.

Tomorrow will be church and then our weekly trip to my see Nannie and Papaw. My parents are the main reason I didn't move away years ago. Well, them and my sisters. Now, I am so glad I didn't go anywhere. This is home. This is where all of my friends are and my family. This is where I can walk through the high school to bring my daughter a binder and know where the classroom is because I walked those very same halls when I was a know-it-all sophomore. This is where I watched my children each get baptised by the same preacher that baptised me all those years ago.

Those things are priceless.

There will always be obstacles and annoyances living in such a small community but I believe there are problems everywhere. In fact, I know there are. We may not be able to frequent a mall or a Starbucks but in exchange, I can frequent my Mom and Dad's house. I think I can give up a latte' for that. They're worth it.

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