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Friday, January 29, 2010

Missing my girls

At my house, it is a pretty fair to say, the women have always ruled the roost. It was pretty obvious for the guys to give up on having the upper hand years ago. I mean with it being 4 versus 3, it was tight but we girls tend to be louder (although the boys are messier), especially my youngest daughter.

Tonight, my girls are spread out all over the place. Madison is spending the night with my sister and her kids (and she is always home), Whitley is at a friend's house and Chelsea is at her boyfriend's house (like usual). Now, that the weather has turned bad out, with snow and ice covering the roads, I told the older two girls just to stay put, so now I am the only female in the house with 3 males.

The night has been filled with X-box, Fox News Channel (instead of Lifetime) and "mooning" all the cars at a local BBQ restaurant we ate at, thanks to my son (he really needs to work on etiquette but hey, I give up). Yep, the boys are not at all a mannered bunch. I miss my girls.

Usually, I am faced with an on-going battle getting in the bathroom, Hannah Montana either on the tv or blaring from my daughter's room and "Mom, braid my hair." I often wish for a little peace but tonight, I am missing listening to my little rock star babble on and on about all the latest fifth grade happenings or having to look over every page of the Justice catalog at every single thing that has been circled with a bright colored Sharpie.

My husband often grumbles about the lop-sided works of our household, especially when my step-son is at his mom's because then it is just 2 against 4. He blames the girls for the constant water temperature only being luke warm although the boys take longer in the bathroom than the girls. He rolls his eyes every time they snatch up the laptop to connect with their FB friends as he walks over to pick it up. Although he grumbles, I know he misses the girls too.

I personally have had enough of the "testosterone tide". I want the "estrogen ocean" back. I like it when things are lop-sided, after all, that is the way our family functions.

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