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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Doing what we do...and doing it well

As I prepare for my upcoming week and all the excitement that comes with it, I am wishing that I could step forward about two weeks, to when my business will be open.

Every single thing of substance, that has happened over the past couple of weeks and not been reported on, I think to myself,"this is a story". It is very difficult for me to step out of the reporter mode and not analyze every single event.

When I was little, my mom was a seamstress. I remember so well, her folding our laundry and looking at the seam of each pair of jeans, each shirt, and analyzing the way they were sewn together. She would mutter about how poorly many of the items were crafted together, speaking out loud, and asking no one in particular how in the world that ever got through inspectors. My sisters and I would just laugh at her and we never quite understood how working at the sewing plant was a craft, until we were much older and tried to sew on our first button, or better yet, tried to hem a pair of pants.

Four children later, I still can't do either one worth a flitter.

I believe I have a bit of my Mama in me (although everyone says I am like my Daddy, the hot headed, stubborn one). I believe I have just enough of Mama to care about what I do. It may or may not be the most fluent career in the world but I believe it is the one that suits me best. I believe that taking what you do and being the very best, will always set you apart from the rest. That is what I am after.

I may not be able to properly hem a pair of pants, or choose to just throw out a pair that develops a hole in the knee but I can see a "must grab on and hold" story a mile away. I can't wait to hang on and go for the ride.

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