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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My fading color I have neglected my blog lately...terribly. I mean, if it were a goldfish, it would have been down the toilet a week ago.

So much has been going on. First off, the first two issues of my paper, Towns Tribune, have been published. Like a happy Mama Bear, I am proud.

Even beyond the craziness of starting a new business, I have faced the death of my grandfather and then a "stomach virus" or whatever you want to call it. I call it, "The Hurt so much you want to scream" virus.

Tonight, it is nearly 12:30 a.m.; well past what should be my bed time. I have been losing lots of beauty sleep lately and apparently you can see it all over my face. I have never gotten so many, "You need to rest" or "You look tired(s)" in all my life. All of which, leads me to tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to get my hair done. Really, that shouldn't be a big deal but for me, during this time, it is.

See, the kids will probably once again be out of school tomorrow, which means my phone will ring at least 3 times during my hour long appointment. The kids can't go over fifteen minutes without a blow out arguement when they are home all day, on yet another snow day. Secondly, my phone will probably ring 2 more times besides their calls. Those will be from the office. Someone needing something or needs a question answered. I think I might just cut the phone off during that time. I mean, really- there isn't a whole lot I could do short of running out of the salon with foils sticking out all over my head, right?

Anyway, I am sure all will go well. Worst case, all my hair falls out during the color treatment due to stress, right? (Okay, so I really hope this is an exaggeration.)

Until the next time I catch a minute to write.. pray for me. Pray that I can maintain the strength to keep up with my rambunctious children; do well at my new business, get supper prepared every night and keep at least two towels clean at all times. (One for drying and one for my hair- the rest of them can drip dry). Lastly, pray that I keep my sanity... lots of days I feel it fading faster than my hair color.