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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Riding out the storm

So much is happening for and/or to so many people right now. Sometimes I wonder why it seems that way.

Most all of you know my position of moving forward with opening my own paper in the weeks to come. (A huge step for me) Athough this is a very big step to take in my own life, there are many of my friends that are going through their own trials. It makes one sit back and wonder why bad things happen to good people?

I have come to the conclusion that we all have to face obstacles. These obstacles often bring some of the greatest blessings although we can't see them at the time.

For example, my oldest daughter is eighteen years old. She celebrated her 18th birthday days ago, just after finding out that she is expecting a baby.

It was so hard for me to accept the fact that my baby was going to have a baby of her own. I had such dreams for her. She has always been an over-achiever, super bright in school and she catches on to things so easily. I imagined her going to a big college campus someday. When she told me the news, I was in a state of shock for days. Then, it came to me. I can still dream big for her. There is no reason that every desire she wants for her life can't come true. The only difference is now we will have an additional blessing. A precious child, a new addition to our family. I know this child will be one of the greatest gifts that God has ever blessed her, or I with.

My Dad and Mom mean the world to me. Although I am 36 years old, I rely on their wisdom and advice. A world without either of them would scare me to death. They have always been there for me and my sisters. There is just a feeling of comfort in knowing that my daddy is there to defend me if I called him. He would. In a heartbeat. He got sick about a week ago and ended up in the hospital. While there, they discovered a bigger problem that he needed to address. If it weren't for him getting sick in the first place, I don't think he would have ever known the other problem. Now, he is on his way to being well.

My point is that God knows what He is doing. He answers prayers in due time in His own way. Although things may seem hard or we may not understand why, we don't need to. Sometimes the sunniest days come after the storm has passed. Just grab your parka and faith and hold on until the ride is over.

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  1. Thank you for this today- you KNOW I needed it :( Love you Becks :)