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Friday, January 15, 2010

In flannel or in lace

Whoever invented the rules is not at all fair. I am talking about the unspoken, unwritten rules, pertaining to the looks of women versus men.

I was watching Hot Topics or TMZ or one of those shows last night. A popular model was being featured, right along with her new boob job. Honestly, with the devastation going on all over the world, such as in Haiti, couldn't they think of something better to occupy airtime, other than boobs?

The fact remains that it may be Heidi's boobs tonight or an actress that was spotted with an extra bit of pudge tomorrow; but the interest in the looks of women will forever take up too much time, energy and money.

Even us "regular" women have to keep up to a certain expectation. We spend hundreds (per person) each year on hair dye, beauty supplies, wrinkle cream and the latest fashions, just to keep up with what we "should" look like. We even have to splurge now and then on those little undies that tend to crawl everywhere they shouldn't. I personally, never look lady-like when I sport anything other than traditional essentials.

We have Estee Lauder, Victoria's Secret, Maybelline, Cover Girl and many, many more to assist us in our endeavors. Men on the other hand, well- they have Hanes. (And they even make women's garmets, I know because I own them.)

I put on my flannels at night and pull my hair up any way that feels comfortable. I don't polish my nails near as often as I should and we all know how I feel about the crawling undies. I know that I don't fit the image of beauty and poise most of the time, but that's just me. The thing is, my husband sees me this way almost daily but I would faint much of the time if a visitor showed up at the door. (Or hide in the room one). My husband assures me often that he loves my messy, flannel jammy look. I believe he thinks he has to say that. Truth is- he doesn't have to, but I sure am glad he does. Vogue surely would have me on their "don't" list, along with all the black panties under white skirts and fish nets with cut off shorts but that's okay with me. I didn't promise "For better or worse" aka "In flannels and/or lace" to them. I don't owe them a thing.

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  1. Becky - ran across your blog - that was a great post - so true. My wife is always complaining about the same thing.

    Well - excuse me while I head out to my high-end fashion store - WalMart - they carry hanes.