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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Catching up

Hello all- Well, let's give this a try... I haven't written anything in three years. Yes, three long years ago is the last time I submitted any writings to my column. Today, I was at work- a fairly new job- where I am getting to know everyone and they are getting to know me. I work with a lady named June. She is really sweet and I open up to her fairly easily. We, were slow this afternoon so I was telling June about my past working at a newspaper and loving to my core, writing my column. All this lead me to google myself (the search engine recognizes my name... imagine that lol), anyway, my blog popped up. I have spent the past hour, now that I am home, reading my past entries. Wow. I can't believe how much my life has changed in the three years since my last entry. I am going to do a quick run down to try and catch everyone up. In my last few entries, I mentioned my oldest daughter, Chelsea, was pregnant with my first grand child. Well, Lexy is now going on three years old. She is so incredibly beautiful. She has the brightest, most beautiful eyes that I swear you can see the light of God in every time she giggles. She has long, blonde hair that curls up at the ends and the sweetest smile in the world. She is "Mimi's girl". Yes, I went with "Mimi". Not only has God blessed us with Lexy, but Chelsea had another child 8 months ago. On November 1, 2012, we welcomed Triston Lane into our lives as well. He is just as perfect as his sister. I love them both to heaven and back. On top of welcoming Lexy and Triston into our lives, my step son and his wife also had a baby. Liam was born this past June. He visited us tonight and of course fell asleep with me rocking him. I never imagined being a grandparent before I ever hit 40- but I am. I knew my daughter would be a good mom. What I didn't know was that she would be such a great mom. Now, my little "Chatty Cathy" daughter that I wrote about is just weeks away from 14 and is entering her freshman year of high school. My only son is an upcoming senior. My middle daughter, Whitley, continues to make me proud by working her way bit by bit, on into the nursing field. While continuing her education, she works her hinny off day in and day out as a CNA. I am so proud of her work ethic and good heart. Now, that is a run down of my family over the past few years- now on to me... I will be turning 40 in a couple of months. I now work in retail at a long time establishment and the ladies I work with tell me daily how young and energetic I am so naturally, I adore them. :) I miss writing. I think there is a big part of me that has avoided taking to my keyboard and thoughts for the purpose of not digging up bones. I know there are no opportunities where we live that offer me any sort of career writing anymore. Printed newspapers are a dying field. People rely on on-line sources for their news and entertainment. It is very hard for a small weekly paper to compete with that. I miss when something really funny, sad or exciting happens in my life, thinking, "I can't wait to tell my readers this one!" I miss having people grab up a paper and flipping to my column and I miss knowing that an entire community of readers are counting on me to get the latest story out. In a way, it is nice to have an ordinary job. It is nice to go to work and be able to leave work there. It is nice to come home and focus on my family and nice to not read about myself on "topix" every other night. Right now, ordinary is just where I think I need to be. Thanks for taking the time to catch up with me. Thanks for taking the time to getting to know the people in my life through my words and thanks for being patient with me while I develop a somewhat "normal" routine to my chaotic, crazy, incredible life. Until next time, sending all my love. Becky

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  1. Enjoyed your column, Becky! And getting to know you too :)