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Saturday, February 6, 2010 was your day?

Sometimes I will ponder for hours over what to write about, especially since I am doing this blog daily and I used to do my column for the paper only once a week.

My husband tells me to just write about my day- my life. I sit back and think, "what is so interesting about that?" and I realize, nothing- or just maybe- everything.

See, when I first started writing my column, it was an open place to talk about life in general. That is what makes it what it is. I mean, we all go through the emotions- happiness, sadness, guilt, love and confusion. My life- heck, my days- are filled with all of those, as I know yours are too.

Tonight I am going to do just that- write about my day...

My 15 year old daughter, Whitley, had two friends spend the night last night. One of them, Lauren, has spent the night here a lot since they became friends in about the fifth grade- she is a whole lot like another member of the family. With her here, we just go on as normal- the kids fight, the dogs bark, I get the picture. It is a little different when a fairly new friend is over. We have to be a little better mannered. (That does not come easy for some of us). Anyway, all went well except for the dogs. We have one that is a barker. That doesn't mix well with a teen girl that is afraid of dogs. Every time he headed her way with his loud, obnoxious bark, she hit the bedroom. We tried to put him outside but he would scratch at the storm door so loud that we would let him back in, to only bark again.

Toward the end of the morning though, they had gotten used to one another. She realized that he didn't bite and I think he realized that she didn't either. : )

After one of the friends left, we hit Hiawassee wide open to pick up more equipment and furniture. All this in a mixture of rain, sleet and on and off snow flurries all day. I don't know which was worse, my husband and I carrying in a heavy as heck desk by ourselves, or the freezing sleet that insisted on biting us in the face while we pulled and tugged until it was indoors. Now, with only a fax machine and a couple of pieces of small furniture to go, we are pretty much set up at the office. Even the trash cans and thumb tacks are in place. Tomorrow- we must hang a ten foot sign so I pray for warmer, drier weather or my poor husband will not be happy climbing up on the roof of that building.

Other than the above, I managed the grocery store, helping my fifth grader decorate her poster on "Horse Care", cooking supper and even two loads of laundry.

Now, I sit back and long for a hot bath and just a minute of peace and quiet. I hardly ever feel 36 years old. I keep this fixture of my days in high school and beating around town in my little Toyota Tercel in the back of my mind. It takes me back to what I affectionately call my B.C. (Before children)

Tonight, I realize why the calendar states that I am indeed 36. My arms and legs feel like jello and my mind feels as though I can't handle another detail. (That's why I make lots of lists)

Tomorrow, I look forward to church, seeing my mom and dad and hopefully sunny skies. For now, I am heading for that hot bath and bed, all the while, thanking God for giving me the chance to achieve all I can with each and every day.

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