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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Climb aboard, sit back and hold on

The past couple of days have been so full of leases, hook-ups and set-ups that I am already exhausted just thinking about tomorrow. Although exhausted, I am excited. I am so thrilled to actually be given this opportunity to step forward and open my own business. It is a dream that so many think about but never get to do. I am almost scared to open my eyes some mornings for a deep rooted fear that something will still go wrong and prevent it.

This entire process from deciding to take a step forward and believe in myself enough to think I can do it, to announcing my decision and wondering who will and won't support my choice, has been mentally exhausting. The one thing I have learned this far is to have faith.

I am honestly a woman of great faith. I believe wholeheartedly that if we do all we can for ourselves, and do it honestly and steadfast, that God will help us out. I know there is so much in my life that has only been achieved through my deep rooted belief in God and all his blessings. Every time I look at my children, my modest yet comfortable home, my parents, my sisters, my friends and my husband; I am reminded of all that is good in my life.

My friends. I don't even know how to start saying thank you to them. I have had people believe in me even when I didn't quite believe in myself. My husband often jokes with me (I think he is joking...hhmmm) about how "modest" I am. This could be due to the fact that he will pick at me and I will proceed to remind him of just how lucky he was to find me. (I think it is a lot funnier than he does)

Up until recently, I felt like my two sisters, Sherry and Lisa, were the only real friends that I knew through thick and thin, that I could count on. So many of my buddies have made me forever change my mind. Sherry and Lisa are of course still on my list but the list itself has gotten much longer.

I will more than likely wake up in the morning and have a stroke of panic hit me, worried about what problems may arise unexpectedly for the day. I will then remember that I have my faith, my family and my friends to fall back on and help me through it. I don't believe for a second that all will be smooth sailing from here on out but I do believe that I can steer the boat until the waters calm down.


  1. Good luck tomorrow Becky! I KNOW your paper will take off girl :) The sky is the limit with you isn't it?!

  2. If I can be of help, call me.


  3. good luck Becky just keep the FAITH and keep on keeping on you've come to far to think about failure now. It will be ok!!! :-)